Personal Projects

This a map I made to pass some time last summer.  It’s just some basic information about the oral pathology lab I work for currently.  There are a few things I would do different next time.  I don’t like how the heatmap distorted in the Alaska and Puerto Rico insets when I changed projections, but live and learn.

I am happy to say that the Dr’s in our lab loved it and the dean of the College of Dentistry here at UK even commandeered it to use in a presentation to the board to justify increasing the size of our lab.

The map shows the location of 1,637 doctor’s offices that have submitted tissue to us over the past 5 years and I made a heat map of specimen distribution using info from the over 60 thousand specimens we received in that time.


Click image for full size.


I made this one for the annual GISCI GISP ( poster contest.  It made it to the top 12, but no further.  I learned a lot making it though.  Got a crash coarse in ArcScene.

I was going for something a little different, more abstract I guess.  Next time I think I’ll stick to conventions.

GISP_PosterClick image for full size.

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